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Web Services

BB Direct offers a number of Web Services designed to help our clients achieve success with building a direct mail marketing data delivery system.  If your in the business of helping your B2B customers with mailing lists, you would benefit from talking with one of our specialists in our Web Services Department.  We offer a number of cutting edge technology solutions to assist in presenting, offering, and delivering quality data and database services in an automated and efficient manner.


Our most popular Web Service products include:



Our Affiliate Site puts the power of list building and buying into you customers finger-tips.  When they visit your website, you can point them to a customized list count and order interface.  With the Affiliate site, you'll get personalization, pricing control, and complete ownership of your customers.



Want 24/7 access to NCOA'ing your files?  Want yearly unlimited-use for one low price?  Our Annual NCOA - Unlimited Use program gives you complete control of running your own 18 Month NCOA files.  Plus, we offer include the ANK Link Process so that you'll know which records have been changed beyond 18 months. 



Have you considered building your own online data storefront but don't have a database to draw from?  With BB Direct's Databsae - API program, you'll not have to store the database and keep it cleaned and updated.  Simply link your site to our database and away you go.