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Target / Conversion Zone Marketing


Target Zone and Conversion Zone Marketing is the process of identifying people who are physically within a micro targeted geography we call a “geo-fence.”  This could be within the geographic boundary of a competitor’s store location, or an event where all the people share a common interest.  Those individuals can be served targeted banner impressions at that very moment, and afterward for up to 30 days.  This Target Zone can be one competitor store location, or a multitude of store or venue locations.


Any identified Target Zone visitors who then visit your store location (Conversion Zone), can be identified as such.  This helps measure the effectiveness of the TZ/CZ campaign.  After a short while, you’ll also learn which Target Zones are optimally your best because we’re able to measure how many Conversion Zone visitors have first visited Target Zone 1, as compared with Target Zone 2, etc.


EVENT TARGETING – Target customers who attended specific events within a specific time frame.

CUSTOMER LOYALTY – Target customers who have previously been to your brick and mortar location.

COMPETITOR LOCATIONS – Target customers who have recently visited one of your competitor’s locations.

CUSTOM AUDIENCES – Target customers that are within or have recently visited a specific Geo-Fenced location.