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Resident Occupant List

Saturation, Walk-Sequence
Complete Coverage, Maximum Postal Discount
Base Price:  $10/M, Min. $150.00
142MM Seasonally Adjusted Addresses
Updated: Monthly


BB Direct’s Residential Mailing List (a.k.a. Res/Occ mailing list) is a saturation level, carrier route walk-sequence database. The fully saturated postal carrier routes of this database allow you to qualify for the lowest postal rates and saturate a given geographic market. 




This database is ideal for mailers who want to penetrate and saturate an entire community at the lowest possible price.  Mailers who are building foot-traffic into a brick-and-mortor location, such as a grocery store, benefit most using this type of list.  They get their message to each and every single delivery point while doing so in the most postal cost effective manner.




The Res/Occ Database traditionally does not include a personal name on each record. The name space reads “Current Resident.” Mailers have the option to add personal names where available upon request. Our nationwide personalized name coverage is over 77% on average.


If you are looking to reach everyone in your geographic market, BB Direct’s Residential Mailing List database will maximize direct mail exposure at the absolute lowest postal rate.   Though our Consumer Mailing List product will reach most people, the Resident Occupant will reach all.

What is the best way to access the Resident Occupant List you ask?

You make that call!  Whether you're on the go and prefer to run your own counts and orders, or you would like the assistance of one of our list experts, help is just a click or phone call away.  To access our count and order system, simply visit www.BBDirectLeads.com, register for free and start building your list today.  Or give us a call for at 866-501-6273.  A real person answers the phone, really!

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