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Direct Postal Mailing Lists


Before you purchase your next Consumer Mail List, consider how you might improve on the criteria you are using to improve your end results. With the plethora of various filters that allow the marketer build their ideal target, the challenge of building a better consumer list can seem daunting. BB Direct can simplify the strategy of making a smart list purchase. We help clients by first understanding how our lists are compiled or created. This insight provides a basis for where to start. But it also shines a light on the limitations of buying a list. 


The consumer list choices are vast.  We offer a wide range of choices to help our mailer clients zero-in on the most appropriate target.  Choose from the following consumer list products:


Consumer Mailing List - All Consumers selectable by various demographic and behavioral interest fitlers.

Resident Occupant - Simply every delivery point within the U.S.

Property Mortgage - Homeowners with various property and mortgage elements to select.

New Movers - People who've recently relocated.

New Homeowner - People who've recently purchased a new home.

Apartment Complex Renters - Renters within specific Apartment complexes.

Licensed Professionals - Licensed professionals by specialty.

Ailment, Rx, & OTC - Consumers selectable by ailment (HIPAA Compliant).

Donors - Donors and contributors to a variety of appeals.

Religious Consumers - Consumers selectable by denomination.

Registered Voters - Voters by party affiliation.

Ethnic Consumers - Consumers selectable by ethnicity.


Consider for a moment that you likley have more than one 'type' of customer. They may all be buying the same product or service, but they may 'look' completely different. Most businesses are able to segment their customers into several buckets. Better understanding your own existing customers will tell you more how they best respond to your current promotions. Here in lies the value in marketing to new prospects. The more you're able to version your messaging to new prospects, the better your response, and ROI, will be.


Depending on your offer, you may want to consider the untapped potential of targeting individual decision makers at business locations.  After all, these individuals are people/consumers too.  For a complete list of the business lists check out the Postal Direct mail Data - Business.

The buyers of your products and services likely come in all ages and sizes. If that's the case, you should consider what and how you say what you need to say. And even within generational marketing, there are different people within the same age bracket. Consider your grandparents for a moment, your mothers parents were (hopefully still are) very different than your fathers parents. Similar age but likely very different people. BB Direct can help you capitalize on these differences and bring a wealth of "information advantage" to your direct marketing.



First of all, is a compiled consumer mailing list your best choice? Or would you be better served to utilize a managed property that targets a smaller segment of the population? Many mailers using the compiled consumer mail list will make their list purchasing decisions solely on quantity and pricing. Time and time again, this mailing list purchasing approach is proven to be short sighted.

This is because the cost of the mailing list is a considerably small expense in the direct marketing campaign. Whether you pay $20/M or $120/M, the list purchase cost will still be relatively small, and the potential benefit to the better list is incrementally higher. Though cost is a factor everyone considers in virtually all marketing efforts, the main objective for all businesses is to gain new customers. If direct marketing is a viable marketing medium for your product or service, then the additional sales revenue from new customers will always outweigh the additional cost of a more expensive consumer mailing list.




A prudent approach to purchasing a consumer list is to first and foremost, seek one that captures your exact target, is accurate and deliverable, and ultimately, is priced fairly. The next time you are planning the purchase of your list, call BB Direct for a no cost consultative account review at 866-501-6273..