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Postal Direct Mail Data - Business

BB Direct helps B2B marketers seek out their most critical target audience by utilizing a variety of database sources.  If you’re a member of a marketing team and want to reach decision makers within business organizations, we want to talk with you.


While most business databases for postal direct marketing appear to be the same, they are not.  They make look similar on the outside, each have their own unique attributes.  We take special care to keep tabs on the development of our data files and to monitor the new attributes being made available. 


Our B2B postal data files can be organized as follows:


ALL BUSINESSES – Access Business Mailing Lists via our online or off-line channels.  We offer more than one Business Database to help marketers access the right prospects?  Each have their own strengths and weaknesses.  Give us a call to discuss which business file is best for you.


NEW BUSINESSESOur New Business Mailing List contains the newest businesses to sprout up in their community.  BB Direct's New Business file is updated every 30 days and catches business owners when they are ripe for buying an array of business related products and services.


SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS – By far, the largest sector of employment, small businesses make up the greatest opportunities for B2B marketers.  Our Small Business Mailing List database of small business owners is regarded as the best database for decision makers available for anyone seeking B2B “leads”.


DECISION MAKERS DATABASE – With the largest selection of business decision makers, BB Direct’s Decision Makers Mailing List enables B2B marketers to pinpoint the individuals within small, medium, and large enterprise businesses who make buying decisions for their organization.


MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE – Featuring more than 800,000 physicians by specialty, this multi-source medical practice database has selections including annual sales volume, practice size, and type of degree. With the Medical Healthcare Mailing List, you can also target your offers to more than 200,000 office managers who make or influence non-medical purchasing decisions.


SCHOOL DATABASE – Reach more than 4 million school decision makers at American public, private, and Catholic schools with our School Mailing List. Select your target audience using dozens of precision attributes and hundreds of job functions from Principal to Head Custodian, from Pre-Kindergarten Teacher to Adult Education Teacher.


EDUCATION SERVICES MAILING LIST - Our Education Services File enables marketing professionals to reach both the Even Start Program and the Parents As Teachers Program decision makers.  This small but very unique database reaches very targeted educators who are vital to bringing both the students and parents into the fold of America's public education program where they would otherwise continue their challenges, and likely not be as competitive among their peer group.


HOME BASED BUSINESSES - One of the fastest growing industries is the business with its primary location being a residential home.  It takes very little to appreciate the unique needs of the Home Based Businesses as compared to those businesses that lease or own a commercial site.  Consider the carefully crafted messages that can be made for those business owners who share their home with their business.


GOVERNMENT MAILING LIST – The Government Office Mailing List is a unique database of city and county government officials with detailed department selections and dozens of specialized job functions.


CHURCH DATABASE – The Church Mailing List contains more than 250,000 pastors, priests, rabbis, and other clergy at houses of worship, selectable by denominational affiliation and other specialized selections.


Likely, your ideal decision maker target falls into one of the above databases, if not, you may want to consider our Postal Direct Mail Data - Consumer page.  Whether it does or not, we would like to hear from you, and to help you with your postal campaign initiatives.  You can access most of our B2B databases via the web by visiting www.bbdirectleads.com, or simply calling us directly at 866-501-6273.