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Match & Deploy

Email Marketing
Integrated Email and Postal


BB Direct’s Email Match & Deploy product allows postal mailers to upload their postal mailing list, identify those with an opt-in email, and deploy a complimentary message that re-enforces the postal mail message and therefore gives lift to buyer response.


It’s proven, a multi-touchpoint campaign outperforms a single touchpoint campaign.  Adding an email message that re-enforces your postal offer helps in making their offer stand out in the mail box, and delivers a way for your clients to learn much more from your website than any postal piece can do.  Not only will the email bring attention to the postal piece, but the postal piece will bring traceable attention to your website.




BB Direct’s Match & Deploy does not provide you with the actual email address of those matching postal recipients, rather, we deploy your HTML creative to that audience.  We typically see a 30% to 40% match rate against a typical consumer database.


Whether a single or multi-flight campaign, email marketing delivers a one-two punch when combined with postal direct marketing.  For a fraction of the cost, why not improve the response of your direct marketing with BB Direct’s Email Match & Deploy product.