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Database Hygiene Process

BB Direct offers a variety of Database Hygiene process services to assist in ensuring our mailer clients have the most deliverable postal mailing list at time of mail drop.  Whether your mailing every quarter or every day, we have the tools and products to keep your data list clean and deliverable.


Below are our most popular data hygiene services.




Millions of people and business in America relocate each year.  That’s why direct mailers use BB Direct to process their database thru our NCOA Link Process and correct those old addresses.  The National Change of Address process identifies name and address data where people have relocated and provide their new address information.




The Delivery Sequence File (DSF) Link Process helps mailers with identifying name and address data by scoring their mail file with deliverability values.  This process does not change address information for better deliverability, rather it identifies those questionable addresses so you can omit them and effectively reduce undeliverable pieces.




BB Direct’s VIN Verification Process is a great product for automotive dealerships who mail to their DMS database of previous car buyers.  This process is correctly validates the vehicles sold to them are still in their garage.


For other Database Hygiene processes, please call your friendly BB Direct representative to discuss how we can help you clean up your database and improve your internal database mailing.