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Consumer Append

BB Direct’s Consumer Demographic Append services put demographic and interest data for your current marketing database at your fingertips.  Knowing and understanding your current customer base is essential for future marketing campaigns and tactics.  Our append services help you fill in valuable, missing information about your customer database and add personality to their record profile.


At BB Direct, we make database enhancement easy.  Simply send us your database with complete postal address information of the customers you’d like to enhance, and we’ll return your database with the various elements appended to it. 


Choose from a robust selection of enhancement categories to include:


Automobile Information   Realty Related Data
Property Information    Credit based Statistics
Household Composition   Geographic Data
Data Related to Children in Household Interest Data
Investment Property Information Past Buying Habits
Direct Response and Mail Order Data Many More!


For marketers looking to segment their current database for a more personalized approach, the append service can help add important targeting details your file that allow for maximized targeting options. 


If you are a marketer or small business that needs to strengthen client relationships while better understanding your current database, the BB Direct Consumer Element Append is an ideal marketing tool.  To test drive our append services today contact a member of our data enhancement team at (866) 501-6273.