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Auto List Options at a Glance

BB Direct’s Auto Group serves automobile dealership marketers with unparalleled experience and service. We help clients assess their most valued target audiences and provide the automobile mailing list data needed to improve response performance. Whether you're in need of our most popular Automobile Mailing List to target by make, model, and year built, or our Resident Occupant List for maximum resident saturation, we can help you with your next campaign. See below for our complete list of automobile mailing list options.




  • Database Options
    At a Glance
    Popular Selects
  • Premium Automobile Database
    Best-in-class Shelby Act compliant automobile ownership database.
    $ $

    The Premium Automobile Database is ideal for conquest mailings. Our auto file is unmatched within the industry for both accuracy and coverage. We take special care in vetting sources so that you are assured you're getting the most accurately targeted database of vehicle owners available anywhere.

    Make, Model, Year Built, Body Type, Domestic or Import, Fuel Type, Domestic or Import, Drive Choices, Age, Income, Homeowner

    • Best-in-class list for both accuracy and coverage.
    • VIN, Black Book Data, Kelley Blue Book Data, Phone, and Email available for output.
  • Recall Data Append
    Delivers Best-in-class detailed automobile recall data.
    $ $ $ $

    Recall Data is more than important. It's vital to both saving lives and position OEM brand. Response rates for direct mailing to recalled vehicle owners is incredibly higher than any other auto campaign you can do. It not only fills the dealership service bays, but provides an opportunity to upsell waiting car owners into brand new vehicles.

    Risk Rank marked vehicles are output. Only recalls that are a Risk Rank of 3 or higher are provided.

    • Timely eligible notices can be generated using either your dealer's DMS or conquest records.
    • Mail piece approval required
  • Bankruptcy Hotline Masterfile
    Database of consumers who recently experienced a bankruptcy.
    $ $

    Bankruptcy Hotline Masterfile data allows dealership mailers to connect with consumers who have experienced a Bankruptcy and therefore, have been experiencing financial troubles. For those auto lenders who can underwrite these consumers, the BK Masterfile is a great list to invite them into the dealership.

    Filing Date, Chapter, Release Date, Status, Case #, and other credit, mortgage, and property data points

    • Weekly updated database
    • Mail piece approval required
  • Resident Occupant Database
    Database of every deliverable address in the U.S.

    The Resident Occupant Database is singularly the best file for reaching every potential driver in a given market territory. Not only are you able to saturate the market with the ResOcc List, mailers can achieve the maximum postal discount since the list is provided in carrier route walk-sequence.

    • Single Family, Multi-Family, Trailer, PO Box, Business
    • Median Income, Age, and Home Value
    • Carrier route saturation level walk-sequence postal discounts apply with Res/Occ Data.
    • No names on output unless requested.
  • Black Book Value Append
    Current auction value of a vehicle based on the Hearst Business Media Corp company, Black Book.
    $ $

    Our most popular vehicle value append product, Black Book Value Append provides accurate vehicle values so as to entice your local car owners to trade in their car. Append values to your dealerships DMS file, or order Black Book values to be included when ordering from our Premium Automobile Database.

    • Trim Value Selects: Low, Average, High
    • Output vehicle condition values: Extra Clean, Clean, Average, Rough
    • Append to VIN
    • Append values via our 24/7 FTP site, or simply send us your file and we'll append the values for you.
  • Kelley Blue Book Value Append
    Kelley Blue Book's estimate of what a consumer can expect to receive from a dealer for a trade-in vehicle assuming an accurate appraisal of condition.
    $ $

    Kelley Blue Book Append process will add the trade-in value of a vehicle to help your dealership customers promote the sale of new vehicles. Sourced from Auction Sales, Trade-In Offers, and Dealership Appraisals, KBB provides a consistent and up to date vehicle values.

    • Trim Value Selects: Low, High
    • Output vehicle condition values: Fair, Good, Very Good, Excellent
    • Append to VIN
    • Source: Auction Sales Transactions, Trade-In Marketplace Offers, Dealership Appraisals
  • NADA Value Append
    NADA's suite of values provide guidance for each specific automotive business decision.
    $ $ $

    NADA Value Append provides Rough, Average, and Clean Condition-Based Trade-in Values. The values represent the typical price for a vehicle at trade-in. Values are updated monthly.

    • Trim Value Selects: Low, Average, High
    • Output vehicle condition values: Clean Retail, Clean Trade-In, Average Trade-In, Rough Trade-In and Clean Loan.
    • Append to VIN
    • Buyers, managers, and principals use NADA values for pricing inventory, assessing customer trade-ins, making decisions at auction, setting asking prices and for paperwork in the F&I department.
  • Ethnic Focused Marketing Data
    Consumer database of popular sub-segments of the population focusing on ethnicity.
    $ $

    Version your direct mail communication to address the subtle ethnic differences both in language and communication. This will help your dealership offer better resonate with the recipient, and sell more cars.

    • Surname, Religious Affinity, or Country of Origin.
    • 4 Levels of Hispanic Assimilation
    • Additional consumer attributes available

    Target specific ethnic groups by ethnic surname, religious affinity, or Country of origin.

  • Automobile Dealership List
    Business list of all new and used vehicle dealerships in the U.S.
    $ $ $

    Want to expand your dealer group clientele? BB Direct's Automobile Dealership List will help you pinpoint all the dealerships in your market territory and provide the C-level contact decision makers.

    New & Used Car Dealerships, Used Car Dealerships, Estimated Sales Revenue or Employee Size, C-Level Contract Name, Phone

    • Output record includes contact, phone, business size, and other auto dealer business information available on file.
    • Multi-use for 12 months.
  • Email Saturation/Append
    Saturated email deployment to every and all opt-in consumers within a given market.

    Supplementing your direct mail campaigns with email has never been easier. With Saturation Email, we deploy to everyone in the market, not just those conquest postal mail recipients. In doing so, you reach more people at a lower cost....WIN WIN!!!

    Many consumer demographic selects are available but we recommend deploying to all consumers available in your market.

    • Multi-channel campaigning reinforces your brand and message
    • Open/Click Reporting
    • Redeploy to Opens and Clicks
  • Modeled Credit Score Data
    Generalized personal credit score range on a zip+4 level.
    $ $

    Modeled Credit enables dealership mailers to isolate "look-a-like" consumers who appear to be credit worthy for buying a new car. "Birds of a feather flock together" makes the assumption that people who live near each other likely have similarities, and in this case, similar credit score.

    Credit Score Range, Make, Model, Year Built, Age, Income, Homeowner, and other consumer attributes

    • Median score applied to all individuals across Zip+4.
    • "Firm-offers of credit" cannot be made with this file.


If you'd like more information on any of these mailing list options, please call of the Auto Group List Experts today, or send us an email at [email protected]