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About Us

In the field of list providers to the reseller industry, we believe in challenging the status quo.


To learn more about who we are and our philosophy, check out our page on Why Work With Us.


Our Privacy page spells out the importance in your privacy, and to what lengths we go to to protect your privacy.  Privacy matters to us as it matters to you.


Our Master List Rental Agreement is right on our site.  We want you to see and read the fine print.  Its spells out the agreement we have with our customers, and the limitations and responsibility all good business partners are held to.


If you have any questions regarding BB Direct, we want to answer them.  Please contact us anytime so that we're able to help you.  The more successful you are with your business, the more successful we will be together.  If you're a reseller, you should learn more about our Reseller Program.